Nice living

When people are looking for a place to live in they will certainly have options of a broad spectrum to choose from. Ideally they can find a place that satisfies all of their needs and can generally be a very nice place to. Of course some things matter more to others but when you have put together a great maze of amenities, he can be very beneficial for the tenant because they have a variety of things to choose from and they should so choose to enjoy. One thing that people most definitely enjoy is a well kempt and modern apartment complex. If an apartment has an updated footprint with new kitchens especially people have benefited from something like this before and they will again. If those kitchens are not important to that person then perhaps the fact that new dishwashers and garbage disposals in a location can make occasion better. With newer equipment these things are more reliable, more energy-efficient and have more features than ever before.

It seems pretty obvious but little things matter and that is exactly why the newly renovated apartments based in Kent Washington known as Avante Apartments has such a great reputation. This exciting complex has a lot of people talking about how great it is to live there and it is filled with amenities. It is close to hiking and biking trails nearby and very close to a popular golf course. It is also centrally located in a place that is easy to gain access to the freeway and to employers that are not too far away. Additionally with a variety of things about the conference itself which include three sparkling pools, clubhouse, business center and a billiard room, people have plenty to do while they are living in one of the best places in town.


Building a Great Complex

A great complex for people to live in in terms of apartment long is the product of dedication and hard work. It also takes a tremendous amount of experience to execute. First off you must create and maintain the type of apartment complex that is suitable for excellent tenants to want to mention this includes providing a whole list of amenities of the day and to have solid relationships with the people that call these places home. There are many types of tenants and for a large complex, the goal of keeping tenants around is to find the types of tenants that are willing to take care of the place, paying on time and are proud to call the place will. Good reputation is critical in all and if you focus on customer relationships, it is that much more beneficial as word of great experiences that your tenants have gets around. Some individuals that are looking at apartment options are most certainly professionals which are looking for a safe, quiet and professional place to live. It is the duty when you are running a location like this that you provide those things through a variety of tenant rules and amenities at the same time. Things like a professional center that is on-site, Wi-Fi accommodations, restrictions on outdoor activities and more. Other people are concerned with elements of energy usage so it is also important to integrate some type of strategy towards delivering on energy-efficient goals.

Avante Apartments is just such an apartment complex that is integrating technology enhancements all the time in order to deliver on their vision of a great place to live on behalf of their clients.

Staying Modern

Finding the right place to live is never easy, and prospective tenants often have checklists of what they want in a new place, and what they are willing to compromise on. Some of the things that people look for in a new apartment are laundry facilities, an in-apartment dishwasher, and great outdoor space in the vicinity. Discerning apartment hunters looking for the perfect place to live are typically impressed by what they find at apartments owned by the Longwell company. One of their prize complexes has a modern business center. The complex is located in the city of Kent, and owned by the Longwell Company of Bellevue. As the owners the complex is fond of saying, they provide simple touches of modern living that give tenants luxury at an affordable price. The complex is located on 17.6 acres of lush green land, which have a soccer field and two basketball courts, and a barbecue and picnic area. Each unit has a washer and a dryer inside, with a patio or a balcony. Even better for beating the heat are the three swimming pools on the grounds.

One of the most attractive features of the Avante Apartments is its setting. Each of its 382 units boast fully remodeled interiors with full kitchens that feature garbage disposals and dishwashers. The complex has a lot to offer modern apartment dwellers along the transportation corridor between Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. There is a busy club house for socializing, along with a billiards room. Ceiling fans help tenants keep cool in warmer weather.

Avante Apartments – Going Green

Apartment builders say they designed the multifamily complex to be green from the inside out. These improvements not only improve the accommodations for tenants, but also enhance the environmental footprint of a project. In this The Longwell Company, which owns six apartment complexes, is on the cutting edge of the future. Newer designs also promote healthy indoor air quality. One remarkable example of this is an apartment complex that opened in California.

This includes some of the sustainable features of standardized green properties, like energy efficient windows and low flush toilets, which conserve energy and water use. The SOLARA apartment community, which opened in 2007, is the first in the state to be fully powered by the sun. Perhaps most surprising is that it is not a high-end, luxury apartment, but is categorized as an affordable housing project. The power is so abundant that on some days there is a surplus that feeds into the area’s power grid.

More and more apartment buildings across the United States are turning to energy efficient materials as their owners and investors renovate existing structures or build new ones. Groups of solar panels on the roof produce enough energy to provide the entire complex with electricity.

Avante Apartments are owned by The Longwell Company of Bellevue, Washington, which is placing more and more emphasis on making so-called “green” technology enhancements to its properties. They have shown a commitment to these sustainable technologies that could provide a hint of their future direction. These include dual-paned windows, low flush toilets, and additional insulation.

Avante Apartments – A Well Located Asset

Avante Apartments are a modern complex located in Kent, Washington. The 382 units are owned by The Longwell Company, a private real estate investment and management first based in Bellevue.

The Longwell Company was founded in 1992 by Stanley Xu and Nanling Chen. Stanley Xu is currently serving as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He is a graduate of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, where he received a degree in engineering, and later attended Oklahoma State University as a graduate student and earned a Ph.D. Nanling Chen serves as the Longwell Company’s Vice President. She too attended Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and earned a degree in engineering.

The Longwell Company purchased Avante Apartments in 2008. 32.5 million dollars in financing came from GE Real Estate, which was attracted to the property due to its location and potential. “This is a well-occupied, well-located asset near major employers that include Boeing, Mikron Industries, Sysco foods, and other local retail services,” said an official with GE Real Estate. Stanley Xu said that GE Real Estate was providing his company with an opportunity to capitalize on an outstanding opportunity, with which it could expand its multifamily dwelling portfolio. “We look forward to growing this relationship,” he observed.

In addition to Avante Apartments, The Longwell Company has acquired, managed, and sold numerous multi-family dwellings since its founding in 1992. In the years since they have developed the reputation of specializing in owning, operating, and disposing of multi-family rental real estate assets, and for focusing on multifamily housing complexes located in working class neighborhoods.

Avante Apartments – A Lot to Offer

Avante Apartments are owned and operated by the Longwell Company of Bellevue, Washington. The real estate investment and management firm was founded in 1992 by Stanley Xu and Nanling Chen. Stanley Xu, who has degrees in engineering from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and holds a Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University, remains the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Stanley Xu is known to many as a pioneer in buying low-cost apartment buildings, improving them through renovations and innovative management techniques, and developing them to where the properties have the highest possible market value. “We always aim to remain disciplined, to avoid ever overpaying,” he says.

A fairly typical deal for Avante Apartments owner Stanley Xu involved a property in nearby Renton. An affiliate of his Longwell Company purchased the property for 33.5 million dollars. After buying it then the Longwell Company used Stanley Xu’s value-added strategy to make key capital improvements and use highly attentive property management. Some fourteen months later, after these improvements had been completed, the property was sold at 43 million dollars, representing a profit of nearly twelve million dollars.

The Avante Apartments, in Kent, Washington, have a lot of offer its tenants. Situated along the Seattle-Tacoma transportation corridor, the Avante provides easy access to Interstate 5 and Highway 167. It is only minutes away from the nearest Park and Ride and the Kent Station. The complex itself is nestled into 17.6 lush acres that include nearby hiking and biking trails, two basketball courts, three swimming pools, a soccer field, and plenty of nearby shopping.

Avante Apartments – Great Amenities

Avante Apartments are in Kent, Washington, in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, and located along the transportation corridor between Seattle and Tacoma. The complex is located near some of the area’s leading employers, including the Boeing Company, Sysco Foods, and the Oberto Sausage Company.

Due to its inviting location, the Avante apartment complex is an attractive option for many tenants. The complex has 382 units, a mix of studio and one and two bedroom apartments. It is owned by The Longwell Company, a real estate investment and management firm based in Bellevue. Its owners understand that renters and potential renters have many options when it comes to renting an apartment, and they have gone out of their way to make Avante Apartments one of the most attractive in the area.

The Avante Apartments are situated on 17.6 lush green acres that boast a soccer field, two basketball courts, and three beautiful and sparkling swimming pools. These are some of the most in-demand amenities that apartment hunters are looking for. Apartment hunters are also advised to look for a place in a good neighborhood. The location in Kent is known for its good schools and easy access to health care facilities and to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Apartment hunters are also advised to look the appearance of an apartment before they sign on the dotted line. The Avante Apartments offer this in abundance: each of its 382 units, which are studio and one and bedroom apartments, boast newly remodeled interiors with plenty of floor space, full kitchens with dishwaters and garbage disposals, roomy closets, and disability access.