Avante Apartments – A Lot to Offer

Avante Apartments are owned and operated by the Longwell Company of Bellevue, Washington. The real estate investment and management firm was founded in 1992 by Stanley Xu and Nanling Chen. Stanley Xu, who has degrees in engineering from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and holds a Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University, remains the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Stanley Xu is known to many as a pioneer in buying low-cost apartment buildings, improving them through renovations and innovative management techniques, and developing them to where the properties have the highest possible market value. “We always aim to remain disciplined, to avoid ever overpaying,” he says.

A fairly typical deal for Avante Apartments owner Stanley Xu involved a property in nearby Renton. An affiliate of his Longwell Company purchased the property for 33.5 million dollars. After buying it then the Longwell Company used Stanley Xu’s value-added strategy to make key capital improvements and use highly attentive property management. Some fourteen months later, after these improvements had been completed, the property was sold at 43 million dollars, representing a profit of nearly twelve million dollars.

The Avante Apartments, in Kent, Washington, have a lot of offer its tenants. Situated along the Seattle-Tacoma transportation corridor, the Avante provides easy access to Interstate 5 and Highway 167. It is only minutes away from the nearest Park and Ride and the Kent Station. The complex itself is nestled into 17.6 lush acres that include nearby hiking and biking trails, two basketball courts, three swimming pools, a soccer field, and plenty of nearby shopping.


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