Avante Apartments – Going Green

Apartment builders say they designed the multifamily complex to be green from the inside out. These improvements not only improve the accommodations for tenants, but also enhance the environmental footprint of a project. In this The Longwell Company, which owns six apartment complexes, is on the cutting edge of the future. Newer designs also promote healthy indoor air quality. One remarkable example of this is an apartment complex that opened in California.

This includes some of the sustainable features of standardized green properties, like energy efficient windows and low flush toilets, which conserve energy and water use. The SOLARA apartment community, which opened in 2007, is the first in the state to be fully powered by the sun. Perhaps most surprising is that it is not a high-end, luxury apartment, but is categorized as an affordable housing project. The power is so abundant that on some days there is a surplus that feeds into the area’s power grid.

More and more apartment buildings across the United States are turning to energy efficient materials as their owners and investors renovate existing structures or build new ones. Groups of solar panels on the roof produce enough energy to provide the entire complex with electricity.

Avante Apartments are owned by The Longwell Company of Bellevue, Washington, which is placing more and more emphasis on making so-called “green” technology enhancements to its properties. They have shown a commitment to these sustainable technologies that could provide a hint of their future direction. These include dual-paned windows, low flush toilets, and additional insulation.


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